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Feburary 13th, 2023.

Didn't do too much today because I haven't been feeling my best. Back injuries, right?

Setting up the gallery didn't take too long, and setting up the full/main gallery won't take too long either now that I have the modal completely done. To end this night I'm going to watch Kung Fu Panda and work on my pixel pagedoll some more, then go to sleep to flipping through Toyhouse Character Pages for coding/layout inspiraton.

It is such a downer that my life has fallen apart due to a combination schizophrenia (and other psychosis-causing illnesses), and my back injury. I wanted to go into carpentry and HVACR, but now I can barely do my daily core exercizes without feeling like my nerves are going to rip me apart into chunks of pulp and blood. My body twitches with pain.

But it's fine! Because I have people who care about me, and I am excited for baby bird season to come.

The word of the day is:


Magniloquent describes language that is intended to sound very impressive and important, or a person who uses such language.
"The magniloquent sportscaster sometimes got so carried away with his monologues that he would forget to describe the action on the field."

I... REALLY like this word. It's such a fancy word for something that is critiquing itself. I have a character named Tobiah Gid'on who would absolutely use this word in his writing. Fantastic! Very excited about this word!