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Feburary 12th, 2023.

Today I am now testing out using "modals" to create a gallery!

The first image!

Click on it! That worked! Now time to test it with another image...

Second Image! Say hello, Anik ~!

After AWHILE of fiddling, I finally got it to work! Thank you jQuery, and thank you Mani for helping me out.

In unrelated news, the Superbowl was today. My family was extremely excited. Not that any of them are huge American Football fans, but there is a sort of beauty in rooting for people you know are playing for where you live. The industry is a bin of money and exploitation -- but when you're eating a meal with your family, all laughing and yelling at people you know will never hear you, the world feels put together. When you see your team win (which our's did! Go Kansas City, Missouri!), you know that there are people just like you experiencing the same feeling. It's unifying.

I am going to try to do a "word of the day" with these journals. Maybe I'll even make a widget on my main site someday; but for now, I will just put it here with a little bit of ~ FANCY TEXT EFFECTS ~

The word of the day is:


A gambit is something done or said in order to gain an advantage or to produce a desired effect.
"The workers’ opening gambit in the negotiations was to demand a wage hike."

A new word to add to my lexicon! I like this one. I've heard it many, many times but I don't think I had actually heard the definition or even used it before. Now I know when to use it, ahaha.

The wip of the day is a pixel pagedoll I'm trying to make for this site.

Isn't it cute ~ ?! I haven't decided officially what I call her -- for now I just call him The Zaxon Virus, the Virus, ETC. It's a computer virus that collects & corrupts files, as well as connects to different realities. It can also shapeshift into anything she wants! His "hair" is actually his comb, which is bright / solid red flames. I would refer to it as my "sona", since it is the amalgamation of me, but I wouldn't refer to it with my first name or real name or nicknames -- just "Zaxon" or "The Virus". (And as always, a thank you to my beloved Maxwell for buying the original design for me.)

Today was a fantastic day. Hopefully more end up like this.