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Feburary 9th, 2023.

Today I set up a Zonelets, which entailed almost deleting my entire work on my main INDEX of the "online" portion of this website. Be sure to save previous versions of your site, ahaha!

Setting up my own blog away from "main" social media sites is an important thing for me to do. I need somewhere to record my thoughts, and the anxiety of my data being tracked and the lack of customizion on most websites keep me searching for ways to let out my creativity. A Neocities & Zonelets is sure to help with this anxiety of mine. Tumblr was my platform of choice for a very VERY long time due to its lack of character limit and extreme customization options, but recently it has been trying to make itself more like the other big social media conglomerates of the century, straying away from the "blogging" aspect of its youth. Suppose this was the final push I needed to finish this website.

Me and my "Die as I Lived HENCHMEN" have been planning on setting up a website for our comic: A project I will start as soon as I have the basic version of this website finished. Very, VERY exciting!

Of course, my mutual Puella on Tumblr has helped me SO MUCH with this site -- could not have done it without the help.